Our resident scientists have taken a break from their obsession with finding the cure for the common hangover, and focused their attention to developing a truly magical fabric – just for the ladies. This beautiful textile blends the highest quality cotton with a touch of elastane (lycra) at the perfectly balanced ratio of 96:4. This formula has resulted in a material that is incredibly smooth, soft to the touch, and best of all – stretches beautifully on her body to give that perfect fit. The lycra component also adds extra anti-bacterial and quick-drying/breathable properties. It is also resistant to UV rays, so those funky colours stay fresh.

El Fabrico Magico currently available in Honeysuckle pink, Smokey off-white, Diva purple, and Unreal teal.

The Cuts

Masta Tailor has further developed two brand new sexy cuts* using this new magic fabric:

  • a lowneck tee, curvaciously modelled for that subtle glamour.
  • a razorback vest, simply described as “hotnessness”.

* Disclaimer: Masta will not be held responsible for the crowds of men that will be hypnotized by your gorgeousness while adorning these tops.